Delivery plan

Our delivery plan is visible to everyone. As well as providing transparency for our users and supporters, we hope that our approach and the framework of tools we use will help improve coordination within the democracy sector as a whole. The more of us that work on delivering this, the sooner we will make a real impact.


Our approach is based on three key activities:

A formula for increasing our own impact, as well as supporting collaboration across the sector as a whole.

These are not one-time activities. They are a cycle of activities that support and validate each other. Here’s what they mean:

  1. Collate the research. Without being truly research led, we do not have credible information to justify the work we’re doing, and the sector a whole doesn’t have clarity on where the priorities lie. Our first priority is therefore to commission a literature review, bringing together all of the relevant research about voter representation (and identify gaps in the research).
  2. Prioritise the work. Based on the collated research, we can create our ‘strategic backlog’ (see below) — a prioritised list of the voter groups that need to be targeted, and the known barriers to participation. Some of the work might include further research to understand some of the questions that are yet to be answered.
  3. Use a framework to support delivery. With research in place and priorities agreed, we can get to work. We will be using some standard delivery tools and techniques, many of which are common to Agile and Lean practices. These same practices will enable us to act as a hub for the sector – providing the direction, transparency and communication that will enable multiple organisations to work together really effectively.

Strategic backlog

Below is our strategic backlog of work. Currently it reflects only the work being done under the Vote for Polices banner. Once the research is in place, we will create placeholder work items for all priority voters groups and/or barriers to participation – regardless of whether we are best placed to address them. We hope visibility in this way will enable us to connect with those organisation who can deliver them, develop closer collaboration to share resources and knowledge, and attract more funding for the sector.

This is all possible

This isn’t a radical approach. It’s just a pragmatic approach that none of the tiny pro-democracy organisation have yet had the capacity – or funding – to start.

If you’d like to help us to deliver this work – and provide a hub for a network of democracy organisations to deliver it together – please become a supporter and join us on the journey.