A policy tracker for your organisation

Posted in  by Matt CM
May 11, 2021

Holding the government to account should be something any organisation can do, not just those with large budgets and policy teams. When we have complete transparency on government progress for issues we care about, we can better focus or efforts on the areas that make the biggest difference.

Just like the tracker we created for youth priorities, we can now provide a custom tracker for your organisation that brings together the manifesto policies that matter to you and the people you support. It includes a live graph showing their status, an up to date explanation of what's happened so far, and ways to get more involved. Best of all it can be hosted in your website, so it's an integrated with your campaign.

Image of tracker dashboard

This level of monitoring work is time-consuming and can't be automated, but it's what we've been doing since 2017, and we're the still only organisation in the UK that tracks the government's manifesto promises in this way. We're very proud to be doing it, because accountability and transparency is essential for a healthy democracy. By subscribing to this service, you're not just building support for the issues that matter to you, you're also contributing to a better democracy for everyone.

How it works

If you're interested in supporting your campaigns with a custom tracker in your website, get in touch with us via This is how it works:

  • We work with you to identify the policies that match your area of interest
  • We monitor the progress of the policies and keep the verdicts up to date
  • The graphs and policies are fed directly to your website, integrating with your campaign.

It's a subscription service, with the cost based on the number of policies we're tracking for you (if we aren't already tracking them). To find out more please get in touch via