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Announcing “Group Surveys”. Get your free custom link today!

It is now possible to take the Vote for Policies survey as a group with your own free custom link for your organisation, club, school or even family or group of friends.

Your group does the survey as normal, and they get their personal results as normal – the difference is, you’ll all be able to see your results as part of your own group (see the sample graph below).

It can be used by:

  • Membership organisations
  • Businesses
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Even families or groups of friends can choose to do it!

If you would like your own custom link, just email with the name of your group and we will send you your link.

Three simple steps:

  1. You contact us to receive your link and then send it to the people in your group. It will look something like this (examples only):
    www.voteforpolicies…/survey/britishmedicalassociation OR
    www.voteforpolicies…/survey/smithfamily OR
  2. The people in your group take the survey, get their personal results, can see results for their constituency, and nationally – just like any other user of Vote for Policies.
  3. As more people take the survey via your link, your results graph starts to populate data, like the example below, where you can see which party’s policies are most popular overall and for each individual issue.

You can choose to take the survey as a group on a single issue, or on several issues. For example, if you are a group of medical professionals, you may wish to take the survey on Health policies. This is a unique tool and gives insight that no other survey provides.

What do I do with the group results?
It’s entirely up to you when or how you share the link to your results page with your group. You might want to wait a few days / a week until there are results to feed back. If you’re a larger organisation, you can also use this to generate press coverage and publicity based on the outcome.

Why this might be useful to you:

  • Helps encourage your members or friends or colleagues to vote and make an informed choice
  • Provides valuable insight into your group’s policy preferences (something unique to what Vote for Policies is doing)
  • Creates content that can generate press coverage
  • Helps you champion your group’s interests in the run up to the election.

Having this kind of insight into your group’s policy preferences is something that no-one else can provide, and is a refreshing angle to the usual polls and sample groups that can only make guesses.

About Vote for Policies

We’re an independent not-for-profit, with a mission to increase voter turnout and make policies more visible when deciding who to vote for. For this reason, we want more people to use Vote for Policies so that they can feel informed enough to vote, and know exactly what they’re voting for.  The data will remain publicly available, as it is now. We never sell any data to any third parties. We rely purely on donations for revenue and the service is managed by volunteers.

If you’d like your own link or would like to chat with us about it, please contact

Have fun!

Matt and the Vote for Policies team

Group results - example

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