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Vote for Policies x Savvy: announcing our new partnership

The last time the Vote for Policies survey was rebuilt was all the way back in 2014. We’ve had plenty of useful feedback from our users about how it could be improved, but we haven’t had the technical capacity or … Read More

Does Voter ID mean Voter Suppression?

The stats suggest it does. We all want to protect the integrity of elections. After all, voting is the ‘flagship’ act of democracy. That’s why it is a real concern that from 2023 voters will be required to show ID … Read More

Screenshot of our 2019 manifesto comparison survey results

2019 General Election manifesto comparison survey results released

Results from our 2019 General Election ‘manifesto comparison’ survey are now available, showing data for England, Scotland, and Wales, including results from each constituency. … Read More

2019 wrap-up: Good result for VfP, bad result for democracy

Looking back at the 2019 general election, how did it go from the perspective of an organisation committed to improving participation in elections? One of the more surprising outcomes was that the Vote for Policies survey was taken 1.1 million … Read More

The 2019 survey: what’s changed…

As with the 2017 survey, we made some changes to the categories we used. It’s always a compromise, but our aim is to do what provides the most value for most people. Categories The changes we made were based upon … Read More

2019 general election manifestos

Let’s face it, the only way we’re ever going to know everything the parties are promising to do is by reading their manifestos! So here they are. England, Scotland and Wales Below are links to the 2017 manifestos for the … Read More

Fundraising for June 8th – we need your help!

Update: our crowdfunder has now closed, but you can still support our 2017 campaign by donating here. Thanks.  The election announcement may have caught us a little off guard but I am fired up and excited about getting Vote for Policies … Read More

Election response – where do we go from here?

Whether today’s election result brings delight or dismay, we can all agree it’s a surprise. Not only is the result different to the polls’ predictions, it is also vastly different to the results we see on Vote for Policies when people choose … Read More

Thank you to you all

What an amazing few months it has been. We’ve worked closely with so many brilliant people on the 2015 campaign and we want to thank you all for contributing and working so hard to help Vote for Policies reach so many people. We’re … Read More

Election mash up video: The Housemate Interviews

Which one would steal your food? Which one would clip their toenails in the lounge? Who could deal with a rat in the kitchen? This snappy Friends-inspired parody mash-up video asks the leaders interview questions as they vie to be your … Read More