Vote for Policies


Free public debate: Can the internet change the way we think about voting?

Policies or personality? Can the internet change our voting habits? Do you decide how to vote on policy or personality? Is it better to put emotion aside, and focus on which policies a party is offering? Can websites and social … Read More

Press releases

The press release published on Tuesday 24th of March 2015 prior to the Vote for Policies and The Birkbeck Institute for Social Research public debate, “Policies or Personalities: can the Internet change how we think about voting?” can be accessed here: Vote for Policies … Read More

Looking for volunteers to reach 5 million!

Hello folks, The campaign is off to a great start and it’s down to the wonderful community of supporters we have at VfP. However, we will need all the support we can get if we are to reach our target of … Read More

And we’re live!

After months of hard work and brilliant support from our community of users, crowd funders and supporters, Vote for Policies 2015 has gone live. We really look forward to hearing your feedback – please email us at At the … Read More