Vote for Policies

Does Voter ID mean Voter Suppression?

The stats suggest it does.

We all want to protect the integrity of elections. After all, voting is the ‘flagship’ act of democracy. That’s why it is a real concern that from 2023 voters will be required to show ID for all UK-wide and English elections.

All of which means we have a huge problem with this. Vote for Policies isn’t a campaign organisation – our aim is to provide information and motivation so that more people can participate in democratic processes. But policy changes that will have a negative impact on participation have to be challenged. This is why we want to raise awareness about what’s going on.

How to take action

The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) campaigns on exactly this issue and has lots of information. If you want to know more about the impact of voter ID and what you can do to challenge it, please head to their website…

You can also sign the petition on the government’s website and follow its progress.

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