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Embed democracy (in your website!)

You can now embed our live youth policy tracker directly into your website!

Embed our youth tracker in your website

Our mission is to provide UK citizens with the tools and support they need to engage and actively participate. We do that through partnerships with organisations who work with specific communities, just as we did with the British Youth Council (BYC) in creating our youth policy tracker.

An important part of our approach is enabling our partners to embed our tools in their websites, as if they were their own. BYC have done this so they can use the tracker to promote discussion and engagement as part of their own campaign.

And you can too!

If you are part of an organisation that supports the voices of young people, and want to use our tools to support your campaign, now you can. And it’s free!

Other youth organisations are already using our youth policy tracker, such as Voting Counts and I Have A Voice. It’s really easy – just like embedding a YouTube video.

All you have to do is get in touch and we’ll send you the code.

It’s a great way of adding live, up-to-date content on your site that says what the government is doing right now for young people, how to find out more, and ways to take action. If that’s something that would be useful for you, we’ll be glad to help.

To embed our Youth policy tracker in your website, just get in touch.

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