How to edit a policy

Posted in  by Matt CM
May 4, 2019

If you think the status of one of the policies has changed, or if you want to make an improvement, here's how you can do it. Once you are familiar with our writing style guide, follow these simple steps...

Step 1: Find the policy

When you log in, head to the Policies list and search for the policy you want to update. You can edit any policy - regardless of category or whether you have worked on that policy before.

To edit any policy just click the title or the 'Edit' link that appears below it.

Step 2: Update the policy

On the Edit screen, you'll be able to update the verdict and, if you think it has changed, the status of the policy too (e.g. from 'not started' to 'in progress').

The Edit screen is where you can update the 'Our verdict' part of the policy, as well as the status, if necessary.

Follow the guidelines in our writing style guide to keep the language and format consistent.

Step 3. Submit it for review

When you're ready, click the blue Update button - this will send your changes for review, but they won't be published yet.

After you submit your updated policy, you'll see a screen like this.

After submitting your update, you can choose what to do next from this screen.

What happens next?

As soon as you submit your update, an editor will get an alert so they know it is ready for review.

Editors (of which we have two!) are volunteers like everyone else, but who have a strong grasp of the writing style and feel comfortable providing editorial advice. This can involve a lot of checking and researching too, and often can take as much time as writing the policy update in the first place!

When the editor publishes your update you will be sent an email notification. The notification will include any comments about changes the editor might have made, or recommendations and advice.

That's it. If you'd like any help along the way, post a message on Slack (you'll get an invite link in your Welcome email) and we'll be there to support you!