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Let’s make policies matter

Policies matter when deciding who to vote for. The evidence speaks for itself: 35% uplift in voting intention, 20% likely to change vote. But when the election’s over, what happens to those manifesto promises?

Rather than disappear until 2029, Vote for Policies will stay active and, once and for all, solve the problem we were originally founded to solve. We’re going to hold the government to account to the promises they have made to you. We’re making policies matter.

For every promise you care about (either because you love it or hate it) you have a right to know how it’s progressing. You have a right to know what’s been done. And you have a right to have your say about it. This is democracy. It’s about you.

And guess what – the way we’re going to build this is also about you! We’re bringing the learnings from our previousĀ manifesto tracker and making this a truly community-led project. This is why we need you!

Promises only matter if they get delivered

Mockup representing a potential features for a policy tracking service.

Please join the community today to have your say in shaping this new service. With your input, ideas and feedback, we can help ensure that at the next election everyone in the UK will have access to the information they need about the issues they care about. No bias, no spin, no opinions. Better information means better government accountability, leading to higher participation. It’s the virtuous circle of a functioning democracy. And it’s about time.

When we did this before we didn’t have the support of a technology partner. Now that we do (thanks to the committed democracy enthusiasts atĀ Embeddables giving pro bono support) we have access to the tools and advice needed to create a world-class service. And we can build on our experience of this support during the run-up to polling day on July 4th, which has shown us how fast we can move in response to feedback. Now we can turn this energy towards tools for everyday democracy.

Subscribe below to join us, and be part of an active community developing of the tools we need to build a better democracy. Real transparency, real accountability. Help us make democracy about ‘us’ again. Help us make policies matter.

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By signing up you’ll be joining a community of committed democracy enthusiasts from all walks of life. Soon (once we’ve caught our breath from the general election) we’ll be asking for your opinions, ideas and feedback on the things we build.

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