Vote for Policies

Our survey has been updated with the latest policies!

The parties have finally released their manifestos this week and we’ve now fully updated the survey with any new or updated policies for each issue.

From Welfare and Housing to Education and Crime, each policy comes straight from the main parties and is included in the survey in their own words.

Whether you’re taking the survey for the first time, or having another go, we hope you enjoy using the service and please share as widely as possible before polling day on May 7th.

Northern Ireland
And we’re delighted to announce that as of next week, we will also have policies from the main Northern Ireland parties.

Three exciting things:

  1. Where does your constituency stand on policies? You can now search for your own constituency results, country results and see a map of the parties in the lead according to the 434k surveys completed to date. Find out about our new Data Site and get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved.
  2. Would you like a custom link to Vote for Policies for your organisation, school or group of friends? We’re offering groups of all sorts bespoke links to the survey, for free. This enables individuals to take the survey and see their results as a group. Interested in seeing where your family stand on policies? Keen to encourage your employees to make an informed choice on May 7th? Or would you like some press coverage for your organisation? Find out more here.
  3. Finally, the deadline to register to vote is almost upon us – please spread the word! If you know someone who hasn’t registered to vote, please encourage them to do so by sending them this link to easily register online. They must register by Monday 20th April.


Thank you for your support and please keep sharing the survey!

Matt & the VfP Team

We’re run by volunteers and we rely on donations to keep going. If you like our work please support us with a donation. You can also stay in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook.

Vote for Policies is a non-profit, independent organisation with a mission to increase participation in elections, and make policies the focus of voting decisions. The interactive, mobile friendly website allows individuals to compare policies, in the words of each of the main political parties, without knowing which party they belong to. It has received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and over 900 crowd funders.

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