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Our survey is now updated with the Northern Ireland policies

We’re delighted to say that we have finally got all of the policies from the main political parties in Northern Ireland updated in the survey. Please tell your friends and family in Northern Ireland to get going with the site!

From Health and the NHS to Immigration and the Economy, each policy comes straight from the main parties and is included in the survey in their own words.

Whether you’re taking the survey for the first time, or having another go, we hope you enjoy using the service and please share as widely as possible before polling day on May 7th. It’s not long now until we vote! Let’s make an informed choice.

Which issues are trending in your constituency and who are the leading parties? 
You can now use an exciting constituency explorer to see which parties are ahead in your area, and on which policy area. Check out the Constituency Explorer on our data site and see country results based on over 621k surveys completed.
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