Help us get policies from the Northern Ireland parties

Posted in  by Matt CM
February 18, 2015

Update: As of May 1st 2015, we have updated the survey to include the policies from the Northern Ireland parties. Blogged here.

We want to make sure we show policies from the main parties relevant to each country in the UK. For Northern Ireland, this has proved more tricky than the others.

So we'd like your help.

We'll be including policies from all five of the parties from the Northern Ireland Executive. We'll keep updating the status of each party here. For those whose policies we don't have, please help us by contacting the party and asking them to get in touch with us (we'll give them the details on what we need if they email

When you contact any party, please please please..

  1. Be nice! We're all friends, so please be polite.
  2. Encourage them to get involved because it's good for voters in Northern Ireland.
  3. Try your own contacts if you have them - we are only providing main contact details.
  4. Get your friends and colleagues to contact them too!

Parties whose policies we are missing (booo!)

Parties whose policies we have (hooray!)

  • The Alliance Party
  • Social Democratic & Labour Party
  • Sinn Féin
  • Democratic Unionist Party
  • Ulster Unionist Party

We will be asking for updated policies once the election manifestos come out in early April, so we're asking for their policies between now and then. We'll put all of the parties' policies up at the same time, but there will be a cut-off date. If some parties don't want to play, that's fair enough. But we hope they all will.

Thanks for helping us. With your help we can make sure Vote for Policies helps voters in Northern Ireland make an informed choice in the 2015 General Election.

Thank you!