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Frequently Asked Questions

Vote for Policies is an independent non-partisan service designed to help more people to vote, and make an informed choice when they do.  Research shows it works. 2024 marks the fifth general election we’ve supported. 

We take policies from the election manifestos from each of the main political parties, across a range of topics. For each topic (such as the environment, economy, education, housing, and so on) we display the policies from one party at a time, in a random order, and without the party’s name being visible. As a user you simply choose which policies they prefer, for as many topics as you selected. Your results show you which party’s policies you selected for each topic. There is no algorithm or matching – it’s based purely on your preference of the policies presented to you.

Because we are directly presenting policies from each party (rather than matching their policies to your responses) we are limited in the number of parties we can include while keeping the survey manageable. Equally we also want to ensure the polices you compare are from parties you can actually vote for in your constituency.
For this reason we only include parties that:

  • Have at least one Member of Parliament
  • Are fielding candidates in at least 70% of constituencies across the UK (or in a specific nation, if a nationalist party)

In your results page you can also see the full list of candidates from every party, including independents, who are standing for election in your constituency. 

We do not sell any data, and only collect data necessary to provide our service. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Vote for Policies is a completely independent organisation, without any political affiliation. We are volunteer-run and any income we receive comes from donations. In the past we have received small grants from philanthropic organisations. If you find our service useful, please consider donating.

For more information head to our about page or read our strategy. If you want to support our work to create a fairer, healthier society where democracy is accessible to all, please consider a monthly donation to help fund more services, and ensure we’re here at the next election too. 

Regrettably we haven’t been able to include Northern Ireland in the countries we support. This is because the main parties are so focussed on local / country-specific issues, many of the categories we are using just don’t reflect the manifestos. Sinn Féin don’t publish a ‘Westminster’ manifesto and for those parties that do the difference in categories is quite significant, so our survey won’t reflect their manifestos accurately. Knowing that the survey won’t provide much value to voters in Northern Ireland – and with such limited capacity as a volunteer-led organisation – we instead focus our efforts on the other three nations of the UK.

What our users say...

“This survey has actually prompted me to vote.”
“I am 36 and have never voted because I have never been able to gather the information I need to make an informed choice. Thanks to this site I will vote this year!!”
“Your site has done more to restore my faith in democracy than anything else in the build up to this election”