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24 million people didn't vote in the last UK general election. That's 43% of the electorate. We believe our society will be fairer, happier and more prosperous when we all have a say in how it works.

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We run two services - one for before an election, one for after an election.

Election survey

Our 'manifesto comparison' survey has been used more than three million times, giving you more confidence to vote and know what you’re voting for.
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Manifesto tracker

Our tracker follows the progress of the government’s election commitments, and offers ways to get involved in the issues you care about.
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Get the latest news and research from the Vote for Policies blog.

2019 General Election 'manifesto comparison' survey results released

Results from our 2019 General Election 'manifesto comparison' survey are now available, showing data for England, Scotland, and Wales, including results from each constituency.

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One vote, one party - but how much do we agree with the party we vote for?

We crunched the numbers from the 1.1 million responses to our pre-election survey in 2019. The ‘average’ respondent bases their political decisions on around 6 issues, and selects policies from three to four different political parties. Just 1.9% of users choose policies from a single party. This article explains our approach to the analysis, and what the results mean for our democracy.

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