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Election survey

Our 'manifesto comparison' survey has been used more than three million times, giving people more confidence to vote and know what we’re voting for.
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Manifesto tracker

Our tracker follows the progress of the government’s election commitments, and offers ways to get involved in the issues you care about.
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Can anyone really make a difference?

This is the question we're asking in the opening video on our YouTube channel. (Spoiler alert: yes!)

Our vision

Our vision is of the UK as a fairer, healthier, happier society where democratic engagement is an active part of everyday life. Our mission is to provide UK citizens with the tools and support they need to engage and participate. Our strategy describes how we can achieve this, and what's different about our approach.  
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News and analysis from the Vote for Policies blog.

Back to basics: end of an era, start of a new one

As many of our supporters know well, funding has been the nut we’ve been trying to crack for a while. Personally I’ve been trying to balance growing Vote for Policies with earning a living, and for many years I have been working only part time (or not at all!) to make space for the work […]

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Does Voter ID mean Voter Suppression?

The stats suggest it does. We all want to protect the integrity of elections. After all, voting is the 'flagship' act of democracy. That's why it is a real concern that from 2023 voters will be required to show ID for all UK-wide and English elections. Evidence shows voter impersonation is a minor problem. Trials […]

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