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It's time to close the Representation Gap

Unequal representation means unequal influence. If we act now to increase participation, our governments will start to reflect more voices in the UK. And the good news is there's so much we can do to make democracy work better for everyone.

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Whose policies would you pick if you didn't know which party they belonged to? Our unique policy comparison survey helps you see which of the main political parties you agree with most, so you can make an informed decision when you vote. It's the next best thing to reading the manifestos - and no caffeine required! Our users tell us they feel...
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“This survey has actually prompted me to vote .”
“Your site has done more to restore my faith in democracy than anything else in the build up to this election.”
"Fantastic website - should be strongly promoted and all encouraged to test their preconceptions and predjudices.”
“Just saying thank you for this site, it has been really useful and has helped me form my opinion more without the normal prejudice one may have towards the parties.”
“I think that this is an excellent website it really helps people who are struggling picking who to vote for”
“I am 36 and have never voted because I have never been able to gather the information I need to make an informed choice. Thanks to this site I will vote this year!!!”