About Us

Vote for Policies is an independent not-for-profit run by volunteers. Our mission is to increase participation in elections, and make policies the focus of everyone’s voting decision. We want to give everyone the opportunity to make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. So no matter how interested in politics you are, whether you have voted before or not, we hope that Vote for Policies gives you the information and confidence you need to vote - and know exactly what you're voting for.

We have no connection with any political party or candidate in any way. Our interest is not in seeing any party elected over another. Instead, by helping people to compare manifesto policies without knowing which party they belong to, we give them the chance to make an informed choice. This gives people clear and unbiased information about who to vote for - and it is our method for increasing voter turnout.

Who cares about policies if parties don't stick to their promises?

We realise that many people are disillusioned with politics and don’t see the point of “voting for policies” if the parties won’t keep their promises. It’s understandable.

The Vote for Policies survey is the first step towards holding politicians to account. Once we as an electorate are more informed and engaged with what the parties have promised to do, the next step is to ensure our next government is accountable to their election promises.

So we are fundraising to build a service that will track the performance of the government based on the pledges they made during the election.

What makes Vote for Policies different?

There are other Voter Advice Applications (VAAs) available which provide users with a quiz with yes/no answers. They ask for your response on questions like, “Should we leave the EU?” or “Should we use nuclear energy?”. These sites are helpful - and we recommend you try them all - but they don’t give you the chance to compare the actual policies of each party, and in their own language.

Vote for Policies is the only service that connects you directly with the parties and their pledges. Focussing on policies in this way is not only the best way of helping people make a truly informed decision, it also provides a fair way of tracking a government’s progress after the election and holding them to account. We believe this is the path to a better democracy.

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