About Us

We passionately believe our country would be a better, happier and brighter place if we all had a say in how it worked, and had access to the facts.

That’s why we’re on a mission to drive 90% voter turnout by 2030.

We are a non-partisan, independent not-for-profit, and have no connection with any political party or organisation in any way.

So far, our work towards achieving our mission has included:

  • A pre-election survey. to help voters make an informed, unbiased decision about who to vote for. It has been used over 3 million times, and according to a national poll in 2015 35% are more likely to vote after using Vote for Policies.
  • A tracker that follows the progress of the government’s manifesto promises, and helps people get involved in the issues they care about.

What next?

To realise our goal of 90% turnout, we need to be doing a lot more. Over the next year we’ll be developing new products and services that will help remove the barriers that prevent people from voting, or from seeing the point in voting.

As well as doing more, we need to change how we work and are funded. Currently we are a volunteer-run organisation, with just about enough funding to cover our running costs. Over the next year we will be developing a more sustainable funding model that will enable us to have a small core staff, build better products, and grow our volunteer community.