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Help your members vote based on the issues they really care about at the next election, and create valuable insight to build influence and dialogue.

Our policy comparison survey is now open to all. At no cost.

For more than a decade, we've been helping millions of people make an informed choice in a uniquely engaging way. Now we’re opening up our policy-comparison survey for campaign organisations or interest groups who want to provide the same level of engagement to their members, drive voter turnout, and ensure political parties understand the issues on which their members will be voting.

Engage and inform

Help your members stay informed, registered, and more likely to vote.

Research has found up to 80% feel more informed after using our unique format, and up to 35% are more inclined to vote than before. Now you can provide this same experience to your members.

Insight and influence

Unique results that create meaningful dialogue

Your survey results create unique, valuable insight that can show political parties the policies that work for your members, and those that don't. With an election next year, this can help drive for awareness of your campaign issues, and support meaningful dialogue with policymakers.


Supporting a fairer democracy

Vote for Policies is a pro-democracy, non-political organisation that provides the tools and support to help people participate in democracy. By working with us you are supporting our mission by:

How it works

3 simple steps to get going

Set up is free and takes just a couple of discussions. In no time at all, you'll be hosting a unique service to engage your members, drive turnout, and boost your campaign.

1. Define your campaign issues

Establish the key issues you want your members to compare policies for.

2. Embed the survey

We create the survey and give you a simple embed code to publish on your website.

3. Send to your members

Engage your members, and start gathering new insight .

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More information

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting set up is quick and simple, and doesn't require any technical help. If any of your questions aren't answered here, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Your members and network can compare policies on the specific issues they (and you) are campaigning for. Independent research has shown this method to be really effective at engaging people with elections, making them more likely to vote. Use it to support voter registration, and ensure your members can see which parties they align with on the issues you all care about. Sharing results can be a valuable tool for campaign organisations and interest groups to show political parties how popular their policies are. This is just as valuable for political parties as it is for campaigners, and can open up productive conversations with the parties that want to provide support for your campaign issues.

We’ll be updating policies as they evolve in the run up to the general election. You’ll be able to track changes as they happen, so you can monitor any changes in party popularity among your members, and to feed this back to policy makers to drive positive change. 

No. This is about representation. Our survey helps people to engage and ‘vote informed’ – whoever they decide to vote for.  By hosting your own policy-comparison survey you are giving your members that same opportunity, and also giving political parties unique insight into how popular their policies are for the issues that matter to you. This can help you create more meaningful dialogue with political parties, and ensure your campaign issues are represented at the next general election.  

We’re on hand to guide you through the process, any technical set up, and questions on how to make the most of your survey as an engagement and campaign tool. We’re keen to adapt and improve how the survey works to meet different needs, so we’ll be approaching this as a partnership – working alongside you as well as providing a friendly and responsive service. 

Vote for Policies is a not-for-profit based in the UK. We are completely non-partisan, and have been running our unique ‘policy comparison’ survey for the last four general elections, and have plans for new services this year. Our mission is to provide the tools and support to help more people actively engage in democracy, and have a say in shaping our society.  We’re offering our policy-comparison survey to organisations in order to increase the reach and impact of our work, and by working with us you’re supporting our vision for a fairer, healthier, happier society where democratic engagement is an active part of everyday life. Find out more here

What users say

Research shows that comparing policies in a way that remove bias is effective at engaging people and creating action.

“Just what is needed to inform us and help us make choices.”
“Gives a different and more in-depth engagement with the issues!”
“Fantastic, I feel like I have had a revelation.”

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