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A fairer, healthier, happier society

To revive our democracy we need to create new ways of engaging people with it. This is vital for us to be, and to feel, part of a wider society and system. A system that represents all of us, not just some of us.

What the research says...

A nationally representative poll by TNS (now Kantar) revealed the positive impact of our policy comparison survey.

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Read more about the findings from the TNS national poll

Let's close the Representation Gap

Unequal representation means unequal influence. If we act now to increase participation, our governments will start to reflect more voices in the UK. The good news is there's so much we can do to make democracy work better for everyone.

Participation in the 2019 UK general election
2019 general election turnout, including unregistered voters

It matters what you measure...

In the UK, turnout in general elections is measured on the number of registered voters, not the total number of eligible voters. That is why turnout is reported at 67% in 2019. But when you take into account the missing eight million unregistered voters (who matter, right?), turnout is actually 57%.  That means the 13.9 million people who voted for the elected government represent just 25% of all eligible voters. That’s a big gap in representation.

Our work to increase participation will continue to support voter registration campaigns, as well as giving people the information they need to make an informed choice when they vote.  In doing so we distinguish between under-represented voters and mis-represented voters. 

Our Model

DEEP Democracy

To drive Participation, our model recognises the need to support the drivers of participation too. Those drivers are Discussion, Education, and (the feeling of) Empowerment. To get it right we need to address them all.

The Team

Vote for Policies is non-partisan completely independent. It’s led by Matt and Leon, and supported by many volunteers and passionate users.  We have had a few small grants in the past, and currently any income comes from small donations

Matt CM photo

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan

Founder, Product lead

Matt set up Vote for Policies in 2010. He has a professional background in digital service delivery and product consultancy. Read out more about his journey into democracy and why he created Vote for Policies.

Photo: Leon Prescod

Leon Prescod

Director, Research & Analysis

Leon is a committed democracy advocate, passionate about fairness and equality, who loves the challenge of turning complex concepts into bite-sized chunks of goodness. He graduated from the University of Sussex, where he studied Politics with Development Studies.