We believe the UK will be a fairer, happier, healthier place when democratic participation is stronger and everyone has a say.

Vote for Policies is a nonpartisan, independent not-for-profit, powered by a small team of volunteers from all walks of life. We share a passion for giving people the tools to make our voices heard, and restore the belief that we can make a difference.

Vision and mission

Our vision is of the UK as a fairer, healthier, happier society where democratic engagement is an active part of everyday life. And our mission is to provide UK citizens with the tools and support they need to engage and actively participate.

DEEP Democracy

Our model for increasing participation, recognises the need to support the drivers of participation (discussion, education, and the feeling of empowerment).

Our strategy

To build the right tools and services, we partner with organisations supporting key voter groups, and make them available for every organisation to use.

In order to deliver the strategy that we outline here, we intend to grow our team over the next 3 years from being volunteer-run to a team of five full-time staff.

To help us fundraise for a small core staff please donate to our campaign.