We all want to see a fair system that does the right thing by all members of our society. By helping more people to engage in our democracy, we can help ensure that it becomes fairer, and that it lives up to our values for generations to come.

That’s why we’re on a mission to see 90% voter turnout by 2030.

To support this we have so far developed two services. In 2021 we hope to improve both of these, and build new services, to achieve our mission.

Our services

Pre-election survey
Our unique survey helps you compare what the parties are promising to do, so you can make an informed choice when you vote. More info

Our pre-election survey

Manifesto tracker
Our tracker shows the progress of every manifesto promise in the government's manifesto, and how you can get involved. Try it now

Manifesto Tracker screenshot

What next?

To realise our goal of 90% turnouts, we need to be doing a lot more to reach those who are the least engaged in democracy. Over the next year we’ll be developing new products and services that will help remove the barriers that prevent people from voting, or participating any any other form of democracy.

As well as doing more, we need to change how we work and how we are funded. Currently we are a volunteer-run organisation, with just about enough funding to cover basic running costs. Over the next year we will be examining options for a sustainable funding model that will enable us to have a small core staff, build better products, and grow our volunteer community.

In the meantime, we are fundraising for a small core staff that will enable our work to continue. Please donate to our campaign.