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Guest blog from PR agency Farrer Kane: Why we’re working with Vote for Policies

First published on the Farrer Kane blog here.

At Farrer Kane we hold a number of principles dear. One of those principles is straight talking. We believe that people should say what they think, and think what they say. They should be clear about what they stand for and have the confidence to argue their case if challenged.

At no time is this principle more important than during a General Election. Spin, bluster, misinformation, and character assassinations – these are no way to run a political campaign.

It is with this in mind that we are delighted to be providing pro bono media relations support to Vote for Policies – an independent not-for-profit organisation which gives people the ability to see behind the spin that has become characteristic of political campaigning in this country.

Vote for Policies allows people to compare policies on a range of issues from the economy to education to foriegn policy, without revealing which party those policies belong to. Unlike other voting advice applications, Vote for Policies does not simplify or water anything down. It presents people with the exact wording and language as taken from the Party manifestos.

If the electorate in the UK is disillusioned with politics, it cannot be a surprise. We all share the feeling of frustration when a politician dodges a question, or just repeats the signed-off party line over and over again. But the media must share a portion of the blame in this regard. As David Mitchell succinctly pointed out inThe Guardian, when our Prime Minister actually gave a straightforward answer to a yes or no question, he faced a huge media backlash.

If Vote for Policies can help to reengage disillusioned voters by giving them a better informed choice, we’d take that as a huge win. We feel strongly that a healthy democratic process is key to a better society and we think Vote for Policies can help achieve this. Click here┬áto give it a go. You might be surprised by the results.

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