Support our work

We run Vote for Policies and Policy Tracker as volunteers, and on a part-time basis. We know these are useful services, but they could be so much better. We simply aren’t reaching enough people to make a real impact, and we aren’t able to focus on reaching the people whose voices are heard the least.

So far we have got by on the generosity of our users and some small grants to develop the websites. But with paid staff and a development budget, we can develop the services and build the partnerships that will help ensure everyone has an equal voice – and chooses to use it.

We are crystal clear about what we need to do, and the approach for doing it. These are our funding priorities.

  • Policy Tracker. As a minimum we require two full-time roles to manage the policy updates, daily promotion, manage the website, and all aspects of administration. We also require a small budget for web development, so we can continue to roll out new features.
  • Identify the groups least represented by democracy. We can do this by collating the existing research into who votes, and who doesn’t (ideally commissioning this, not doing it ourselves). This blog post explains the approach in more detail.
  • Develop partnerships with the charities who can help us reach the people who are least represented. Through partnerships, we can build / adapt our services to reach the people who need them the most. This will involve an additional full-time role.
  • Support other pro-democracy organisations by sharing our research, tools and approach. By providing this support and acting as a ‘hub’ for other organisations, we hope to encourage greater collaboration within our very small sector. Increasing our impact by working together.

Help make us sustainable!

All donations help, but monthly donations will provide the sustainability we need to deliver our priorities.

Please contact us to set up a direct debit directly with our bank (to avoid fees), or to donate a different amount, or to donate annually.

Join the community

Donating regularly to Vote for Policies means you are joining a community of like-minded people and organisations who see democracy as an equality issue.

We want to make sure our time is focussed on doing the work you care about too. Our approach is therefore to give provide complete transparency over our work rather than create reports. As donors you can expect:

  • Access to the tools we use to track our work. This way you don’t have to wait for us to be in touch to find out what’s going on.
  • Occasional email updates to let you know about key activities and milestones.
  • Research we commission into voter behaviour, as well as insight from our own survey data. Donors will receive these first, before being published for everyone .


For organisations who can pay more and want to associate more closely with our work, we will display your brand on our partners page. In addition, we can develop specific packages or services that will support both our organisations. This includes:

  • Bespoke services based on the policies most relevant to your organisation. This includes
    • Evaluating the policies most relevant to you
    • Collating those policies to track government progress from a single source (embedded in your website)
    • Comparing the relevant policies across all parties’ manifestos.
  • Bespoke education and training on our policy tracking and analysis methods, and maintaining an unbiased, non-partisan voice.
  • Speakers for your events, including for universities and schools.